The Boyprincess Diaries: [TW: racist murder, "we're all human" racists]


not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you: Unarmed black kid just got shot by the police in my neighborhood.








I’m not trying to defend the cop here - sorry if it looked like I am. I’m saying that you don’t know what happened and yes, this could have been a racist crime, but either way, the boy is dead, and can we all just pray for the family.


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    (italics mine) It must be nice to be able to have race be something you can just “bring up” like any other kind of...
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    Holy hell not again…
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    Hey Trisha baby, I actually agree with what you said just then. I think people try to turn any crime that involes a...
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    Excuse me while I get the keys to the collection van… Really though, fuck this shit. Of course his race matters because...
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    Found the ”official” story. Its all bullshit to protect the polices’ asses:...
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