#here is a boy that deserves to be believed in #he’s not going to graduate and he’s dealing with how it feels to feel like a failure #and he doesn’t want to go to prom with all of those people there that always expected that of him #so he’s upset and he’s wallowing #but when he hears about how upset this girl is #instead of letting her wallow with him #he makes her prom queen #he knows how big this is #he knows how special it’ll make her feel #you can see it on his face#my favorite part of this is that not once #not ONCE #did he talk down to her #not once did he make it seem like they were anything but equals #he spoke to her like he speaks to everyone else #i’m not sure if people realize how special that is #to just be spoken to like you’re an equal when so much of the world sees you as less than that #he crowned her queen #and he helped make this girl’s night #and if you ask me doing so made his #this boy has grown up so much #i’m so proud of him #and so lucky to be his fan i swear to god #better than everyone #sorry not sorry

Puck has always been set up to be this, the TRUE unconventional success story. So he might or might not graduate, he’s a Lima loser that has nothing but small dreams and in a show like this when everyone wants to and is well on their way to being a star we see failure in him. But here is what Puck has become:

  • the most supportive of friends
  • the most grounded
  • a naturally earnestly good father despite the fact that Beth is not his legal responsibility
  •  a champion of stable relationships
  • 100% consistently honest

You know everyone can go ahead and succeed in their sparkling careers in the most fictitious and unrealistic ways, but Puck accomplishes the most possible and yet difficult task: he is an amazing person, a friend, and a truly good father/paternal figure.

I’m actually really interested in how Glee dissociates success from growth. Some characters get one, some get both, and I wonder if Finchel get none.

(We’ll see. This is something to come back to after S3.)

But! What I wanted to say:

Noah Puckerman grew up into Burt Hummel.

Which, I think, means he won.

#if you become burt hummel you have won at life

and they said that Finn was the hero of glee

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