Yeah, I have all the houses.
I was just too lazy to put all four pictures.

Yeah, I have all the houses.

I was just too lazy to put all four pictures.

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Posted 2 years ago

Things Trisha’s proven about Slytherins…

My friend wrote me this letter for my birthday. After seeing a lot of posts about stereotyping houses, I’ve decided to share it with you.

Things Trisha’s proven about Slytherins:

  • Survival of the fittest doesn’t mean throwing your friend under the train when things get tough, it means knowing how to stay true to yourself and how to pull through the toughest times, even when the world is against you.
  • Pride is not a characteristic to look down upon. having pride means being yourself and being happy. Doing what you love and being proud of it isn’t a downfall. Let it build you into a better you. There is a difference between pride and arrogance. Slytherins have pride.
  • Achieving your dreams should be your top priority (along with friends and family). Don’t let life get in your way and tell you that your dreams are impossible. Show the world you can do anything you set your mind to.
  • Slytherin doesn’t mean being emotionless. In fact, it’s the opposite. Slytherin is being Completely honest with your emotions. Whether they are happiness or sorrow, Slytherins express their emotions in a true and passionate display.
  • Humor is a highly valued trait. Whether it is laughing at yourself or laughing in the face of danger. Living wouldn’t be worth it without a good laugh. So laugh at life, it laughs back at you anyway.
  • Some tings are more important than obeying the status quo. Conformity is just another synonym for boring. Live life to the fullest, because this is your one shot.
  • Slytherin is basically taking the best traits from all the houses and displaying them passionately. Slytherins are loyal until death, they are witty beyond belief, they have courage to do what needs done, and they have high ambitions.

The most important thing that Trisha had taught me about Slytherins is that it doesn’t matter what house you’re in, or what you look like, or who your family is;

Friendship will always find a way.

To my friend, a true Slytherin, with love,


(a true Gryffindor)

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